Why and by whom is Global Medicine published? Global Medicine isn't just a magazine on Global Health, find out more on this page which gives you an insight in it's history, roots and goals.


Global Medicine is made by a group of students from all over the Netherlands. Their medical background and international network enables them to focus on different, up-to-date subjects in the area of global health. The articles are written by experts from all over the world, who derive their knowledge from experience, profession or education. The Global Medicine team consists of multiple sub-teams, which focus on a different part of the magazine. Together we make a magazine for a wide audience in the medical field and therefore include many different subjects.

What we stand for

Global Medicine has a vision to raise continuous broad awareness and improve the knowledge of global health. To attain this, we make medical students and young medical professionals aware of global health subjects, improve their knowledge on those subjects and stimulate them to contribute to improving global health. Global Medicine has formulated clear goals to attain the main objetive:
- To inform and to increase knowledge about global health by opinion based, medical or research articles and news in the field of global health;
- To inform about studying and living in other countries;
- To inform about possible future global health careers;
- To stimulate participation in global health projects at home and abroad, by informing about the opportunities and benefits;
- To create a database of published articles on the website (www.globalmedicine.nl), that is diverse regarding subjects, regions and authors;
- To encourage students and young professionals to write articles to disclose their own specialty to a bigger public as well as learn about the process of publishing articles;
- To create conscience, awareness and responsibility toward the society in the field of global health problems.

Meet the team

Coordinator: Esther van Althuis
Editor-in-chief: Michael Rodgers
Editors: Gijs Roelandt, Yvonne Schuller & Anne Rotteveel
Lay-out team: Iris Pijtak, Jippe de Bie en Stephanie de Ronde
Public Relations: Lung Jeung, Mahtab Nasrollah en Yvonne Schuller
Webmaster: Geert van der Veer
Distibution: Esther Althuis
IFMSA-liaison: Nathalie Bale

Where to find us

Global Medicine is available at all medical faculties in the Netherlands. You can find the magazine at your local IFMSA office, medical library and on our website. If you can not find a printed edition, please contact your local IFMSA office, our project-coordinator (coordinator@globalmedicine.nl) or view the magazine on this website.